Eoin Blackwolf

Dwarven Cleric/Fighter||Cleric/Rogue||Cleric/ShadowSpy


Eoin (PC) has grown up with a loveless life. He was orphaned at a young age, before he can remember. He is not sure where he came from, but he never stayed at a orphanage for long because he was always seemed to be beaten or abused, and the orphanages assumed it just easier to move him. From an early age, Eoin would ruin everyone’s meal when he would explain that the secret sauce was less than appropriate, or even when a nice juicy meal had rat feces in it. His exquisite palate, and rough way of addressing ingredients caused for more “discipline” than most received, however, this gift made Eoin learn fast of a dangerous combination in the form of dairy. On top of that, adults took the complaints of the dangers within the darkness to be his dwarven eyes playing tricks on him, little did anyone know that Eoin couldn’t see like other dwarves. Over the years of mysterious happenings and a few close calls, Eoin learned to hide what was happening through a physical outlet. Street fighting allowed him to roughen up a bit, and avoid getting into more trouble criticizing food or drink. As he became older, tasting random and very often questionable things became more of a past time for Eoin until he joined a rougher crowd who loved their brawls as much as their ale. Eoin woke one day to find a tattoo upon his hand after a string of lost fights, more ale then he had coin to pay for and a drunken dare that could line his purse… sadly, his purse was empty and he then left the group of fighters. In an effort to make good on his tab, he was arrested, and although the bar damage wasn’t his fault, the bar keep decided that he could sit in jail for association and not paying up. While living with the appropriate pushisment, he overheard whispers from another guard, or something off into the shadows, about some crazed story about his bloodline being cursed by darkness. Eoin unsure of the accuracy was driven to find out more. Constant investigation, the promise of family, and the only source of knowledge in the town of Enoch, led Eoin to a small church of Pelor. Eoin eventually found out that the crazed story is that of linage through a bastardized relation from a person by the name of “Drasek Riven.” Little by little, over several years, he learned more and more… although the cost of information came at the price of duties to the church. This, a possible way to hold off darkness and the things that await, along with a natural gift for the divine, turned Eoin to joining the church as a Cleric of Pelor. Over many years of dedicated service, the Sun Citadel sent invitations to the smaller churches looking for new clerics willing to test their merit… Eoin accepted. After a while, Eoin learned some things of this “Riven” person, or the “Second of Mask” as he was known. The “Second of Mask” is from the old world… although, he was human. Additionally, there are some weird descriptions of his control over darkness, the constant struggle between gods, a possible death, and then the strange disappearance of the “Second of Mask.” Eoin, being a wise dwarf, knew a few things at that moment. He still didn’t have any leads on a family, other than his brothers and sisters in the service of Pelor, small towns and bored people can get carried away by superstition… and that there’s no way that a dwarf could have mixed blood with a human… right?!?

Drunken tattoo on hand with a loose meaning “should’ve been aborted,” a lack of dark vision, is lactose intolerant, and has the “keen taste buds” talent.

Keen Taste Buds:
Most foods and prepared dishes can be broken down by individual ingredient, but you start to lose track around five. If you have had a specific food previously you can pick out any anomaly in that food, i.e. spoiled, poisoned, cooked too long, etc.
Beverages are a bit more tricky, but you can tell within a percentage or two, how much alcohol content is in a drink, how fresh it is, how intricate the brewing process was and in some cases where, when and how it was brewed.
If you taste your concoctions when brewing something using the alchemy skill, you get a +2 to that check as if you had the keen nose racial ability of the gnome, but incur any of the penalities associated with doing so, e.g. poisoned, sickened, etc.
Tasting Blood & Feces:
-What creature belongs to the blood and/or feces, if you have tasted it previously.
-How healthy the creature is/was.
-How inebriated the creature was/is.
-How long ago the blood was spilt.
All of these are determined by a survival check, the DCs for said checks becoming easier with practice.

Magic item backstory:
After some time of being a clergy member of the church of Pelor, Eoin decided that the constant duties of a scribe were far too boring and dull. While trying not to make a fuss, yet still talking to another scribe, Eoin caught the attention of one of the few Fathers in his church, Father Junger. Conveniently, Father Junger had been looking for one such as Eoin with a bright future. Father Junger saw that Eoin could work on becoming a better person under the Light of Pelor and maybe even a bit more charismatic. Eoin knew that the Light of Pelor was a group that went about spreading the word of Pelor, helping local communities, and sometimes even opening new churches in the name of Pelor. To start that seemed to be a daunting task, but at the same time Eoin could only think of getting away from scribal duties and doing something (anything) more, so Eoin jumped at the new opportunity.
This chapter of the Light of Pelor comprised of a handful of clergy members, none especially talented physically, but all more attractive, intelligent, and persuasive than Eoin. Most of the time the small band of men would just try to convert farmers and villagers, however, this time was different. This day they entered the last place on the map before they were due to head back. The village of Gonta, a villiage almost lost from the hard hits it had taken over time from wandering raiders, famine, and disease. This day was suppose to be easy, checking off the sick and reporting back how many were expected to make it, if at all. When the group arrived, they were all too eager at getting the job done and leaving, Eoin had a different plan. The group tried to persuade him, arguing with a dwarf doesn’t work well, so they instead left him. Eoin spent a fortnight tending to the sick, helping farmers plant and harvest what little crops there were, and even playing with the children to help ease the feeling of despair. Eoin didn’t want to make what seemed like an incurable bleakness worse, so he refrained from the spreading “the word of Pelor,” as surely his tabard portrayed it well enough.
Towards the end of his stay a traveling merchant came to the village in desperate need. His only daughter seemed to be dying of an unknown sickness. Eoin did the best he could, even if for not, he could at least try to ease her suffering. After several days the girl’s father had seemingly given up all hope, but Eoin had one last hope. That night he prayed to Pelor for just one spell, one simple little messily tiny spell… Unfortunately, Eoin had no real hope though as the past had shown him that he had yet to gain any real strides towards his connection to the divine. At least not quite enough to harness such a feat as to use magic, but none the less Eoin prayed.
In what seemed to be a dream, Eoin saw himself next to the girl saying something and touching her… however, if he could only hear the words… He struggled to pay more attention, but just as soon as it came it was gone and he awoke to rays from the dawn and the chamber maid’s cleaning. Eoin was unsure if it was a dream or a vision, but felt a little extra faith in his God couldn’t hurt. The next morning Eoin met the father in his chambers, along with the father was a coffin maker already getting measurements. Eoin started forward, the girl’s father objected, but Eoin continued anyways. He sat down besides the girl, and with a sigh said “Please Pelor, let this work…” He laid his hands upon her head and said “Pelor, I beseech you, please cleanse what troubles this young girl.” A weird silence fell over the room, the father and coffin maker seemed to not be moving either, Eoin wondered if time stopped or if the world stopped breathing.
In what seemed to be ages in dead silence, nothing happened, then a rustle. Eoin thought it was his mind, and start up to apologize but was stopped in mid stance… the girl had raised her hand up and touched Eoin’s tattooed hand. She stared at him, blinked as if just waking for the morning and said “Um… do you know where my father is?” Immediately, the her father was at her side, tears flowing and mumblings between the two. Eoin felt his mission was over and it best to leave the two alone. While gathering his things to leave Gonta, the Merchant offered Eoin a ride or any item from his cart, but he passed saying that “Your happiness and thanks are enough for the blessing of Pelor, and there may be others I can help along the path back.” Although there were none in need of aid, Eoin felt good, different, and like new dwarf.
Upon arrival to his church nothing special was waiting and Eoin didn’t really give it much thought anyways. As he entered the church, a chamber boy ran to him and told him that he was expected in Father Junger’s chambers. Eoin wondered if he would be scolded for not stay with the Light of Pelor, but didn’t much care as he entered the chamber. Father Junger instructed him to sit, and then said nothing for a long time. After a few minutes of Father Junger writing some notes down, he handed the scroll to the chamber boy and whispered something, then the chamber boy was gone and the door was shut.
“Well Eoin what do you have to say for yourself?” said Father Junger. “Not much sir, but I was wondering if I could take the Cleric exam again?” Eoin replied. Father Junger eyed Eoin thoughtfully, then said “That won’t be happening. You see, we heard what happened, and to be honest, it’s about time you stepped up.” “Yes sir…” Eoin sighed. Father Junger looked on questioningly and said “I believe you misunderstand. You doings have made it to the Priest of Pelor himself, and he decreed a tenday ago that it was final. I don’t know how you did it, but from here on I will be your guiding light.” Eyes wide, all Eoin could do were smile and nod. Father Junger continued “Additionally, there was a rather large sum of money donated to the church in regards to the events that unfolded in Gonta, and I’m to present you with your first holy symbol. You would do well to take good care of it, and know that it will help guide you in many journeys to come in the service of Pelor. Now young Eoin, get some much needed rest, as we have some very intense training to get you ready.” Eoin grateful and elated, did as was told, and retired to his room Cleric Eoin, holy symbol hang from his neck.

Eoin Blackwolf

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